What We Do

At Discovery Analytics, our mission is simple – we are evangelists of QlikView and agile analytics and we desire to make your business successful by making technology work for you.

Finesse-tech specializes in the Business Discovery software QlikView and agile analytics. We are a QlikView Implementation Partner with an extensive knowledge in server installation, enterprise architecture planning, data modelling, applications development, dashboard reporting, training and support.

We are a QlikView Implementation Partner and are certified designers, developers and server administrators. We run all our projects on an agile basis and involve our clients fully in creating applications which solve their business needs.

We have a vast combined experience of over 20 years in QlikView and deep knowledge in both the public and commercial sectors – Finance, Manufacturing, Insurance, Telecoms, Public Sector, Travel, Retail and Utilities.

We start with first-rate services and technology and our capabilities include:

  • Enterprise-wide BI deployments
  • Server and server clustering
  • Publisher and security administration
  • Data modeling and ETL (Extract-Load-Transform) best practices
  • Master data management
  • Advanced dashboard reporting including macros
  • Best practices in QlikView

Collaborative approach: bring everyone together to work towards the common goals of the project based on agile software development principles. We will be in constant communication with the business to ensure the project’s direction is firm at all times.

Data Quality Approach: building a robust data quality approach during development based on an enterprise perspective. We facilitate the joint effort by business and IT to ensure success of the initiative. Examples are documenting gaps in the data and establishing common data definitions to enable ‘single version of the truth’ across the enterprise.

Metadata governance: metadata governance plays an integral role in an enterprise roll-out and we will be able to guide the business with best practices and governance principles in maintaining quality, consistency and accuracy of both transactional and metadata

Data architecture and integration: we can plan and deal with multiple disparate data sources, data integration services, data management services, reporting, analytical services and information delivery

Training and Coaching: as subject matter experts, we bring to the table more than 20 years of combined QlikView experience and will be able to coach and mentor business users and/or super users to develop their skills in navigating the interactive dashboards offered by QlikView