Why Qlik Is Different

At Qlik, we pride ourselves on doing the more complex analysis that finds the hidden insights typically overlooked by other tools. And it’s all right there at your fingertips.

That’s the Qlik platform advantage — powered by the Qlik Indexing Engine (QIX) — the world’s most powerful associative data indexing engine.

Faster, Scalable Analysis

Thanks to the QIX engine, you can enjoy a super-fast experience, even while freeform exploring.

  • In-memory processing. The QIX engine optimizes in-memory speed, compressing data down to 10% of its original size.
  • Columnar data store. The QIX engine can focus on a defined set of columns while running calculations, instead of processing an entire table. Since most queries only use a few columns of data, you get much faster analytics.
  • On-demand aggregations. The QIX engine calculates aggregations and computed dimensions on the fly for faster analysis.

More exploration, less restrictions

Explore any path you want. Use the QIX engine to find the answer to the question you’re asking. Discover valuable insights to questions you didn’t know to ask.

  • Automatic associative indexing. The QIX engine ingests data from multiple sources, maps it, and automatically maintains associations in the data.
    The power of gray. Sometimes the most interesting insight is the data
  • that isn’t related to your current analysis. The QIX engine automatically highlights this data in gray to aid discovery.
  • Smart Search. Not sure where to begin? Accelerate your analytical journey by entering simple, intuitive natural searches and let the QIX engine present the possibilities across all data sources.

Mobile done right

Want to deploy to tablet? Desktop? Mobile? New form factor? No problem.

  • True responsive design. Many companies claim mobile as a core capability. We say prove it. Qlik lets you build once for any device, then deploy anywhere, on any device. Responsive design adapts on the fly to the device’s form factor and interaction method.

A platform to build on

The Qlik Analytics Platform was intentionally designed to allow you to build on it. In fact, that’s how we built our Qlik Sense applications.

  • Open and standard APIs. The Qlik Analytics Platform provides unprecedented access to the QIX Engine through an open and standard set of APIs.
  • Mashup and extend. Developers can quickly and easily build sophisticated web applications and custom visualizations using the mashup and extension APIs that come with the Qlik Analytics Platform.

Governance gives you Confidence

Determine who can access what — and what they can do with it. But don’t confuse governance with rigidity.

  • Governed self-service libraries. Why recreate the wheel? Our shared library model empowers business analysts and users to leverage pre-built, governed data models, visualizations and even full analytical sheets.
  • Adaptable, policy-based security rules. The highly configurable Qlik Management Console and security APIs allow you to customize your security rules to any degree, while still allowing business users to add their own data, analyze and share work with others in a fully self-service model.
  • Storytelling. With built-in Storytelling capability, governance is preserved even while sharing insights and results. Keep the stories and the data linked together to answer any question with confidence.